Turn a Google Sheet into a REST JSON API

Connect a Google Sheet to a website, app or anything. Use Sheet API as your no-code backend in a way that can be easily handled by both developers and other stakeholders.

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Focus on what is important for you

Build applications with little to no code

Sheet API removes the hassle of dealing with backend logic, database storage and other stuff that is not core for your application.

With it, you can easily your data to your application, regardless of what you use to build your app. You can integrate Sheet API with products like Bubble, Adalo, FlutterFlow or even directly with the programming language of your choice.

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Full CRUD in a RESTful API

Complete Sheet Control, regardless of your expertise

With Sheet API your can use a Google Spreadsheet as a database, and manipulate its data as a JSON RESTful API with the possibility to run all CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations.

It does not matter if you are a newbie or an experienced programmer Sheet API will help you to move faster with your product idea.

How to Use

Get Started Quickly with this 1 minute video

This video covers how Sheet API works, from how to prepare your sheet to the ways you could use your sheet.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sheet API work?

Sheet API deal with all the hassle of dealing with Google Sheets and simplify the way you consume a Sheet.

Dealing directly with Google Sheets means you would have to deal with individual cells and their structure. Sheet API converts Google Sheets data structure to a more simplified version that is easier to read.

This is how the data is streamed from Google Sheets to Sheet API.
A temporary copy of the data is kept for faster responses if it is required again.
Eventually the temporary data is expired and removed, then it will have to be refetched from Google Sheets

What are some use cases of Sheet API?

Some possible use cases for Sheet API are:

  • Display content to a web page or app fetching the data from a sheet
  • Mailing subscribe form that inserts data directly to a sheet
  • Backend for a web or mobile application
  • Use your spreadsheet as a simplified CMS system
  • Extract data from Google Finance or other Formulas available on Google Sheets

Why should I use Sheet API instead of other solutions?

Some of our key advantages are:

  • Good free tier so you can get started
  • Top tier filtering and pagination support
  • The best request/price ratio
  • Unlimited rows
  • Unlimited sheets
  • Spreadsheets can be private
  • Quick Support (Setup or Troubleshooting)

Have any other unanswered question?

Please reach us out at contact@sheetapi.rest

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